We guarantee to optimize your website to appear on the first page of Google search results for your chosen keywords. If we don't succeed, you won't pay a cent

Businesses often spend significant amounts of money on SEO campaigns that fail to achieve top rankings in the search engine


results pages. When working with us, you pay for the results we deliver rather than just our time.

Guaranteed Results with Pay Per Result SEO


Our innovative technology and 16 years of practical SEO expertise empower us to provide a distinctive Pay Per Result Page #1 ranking SEO service.


This service is designed to assist you in achieving the coveted first-page ranking on Google. In essence, we focus on optimizing your business for the specific keywords that you select.


Our commitment to our services is reflected in our billing structure, where we charge clients solely based on the results we achieve.

We are a results-oriented team that prioritizes action over words, dedicated to supporting our clients in expanding their businesses and increasing profitability.

Attract Immense High-Quality Traffic from Google



First, we begin with in-depth keyword research, taking into account your past SEO and Google advertising performance, as well as your business objectives.


Next, we suggest a selection of 10 keywords to initiate the process. This assortment includes a mix of long-tail and high-volume terms to expedite ranking and generate early SEO traffic. Simultaneously, we focus on optimizing for more competitive, high-volume keywords.


Our track record of delivering tangible outcomes has led to long-standing partnerships with our clients. For more insights, feel free to explore our case study section.

Pricing & FAQ

Does Mastro Media Group also provide Regular SEO Services?

Absolutely! We offer anything and everything that
works best for our clients. 

What'll the Pay Per Result SEO campaign cost?

Most of our Pay Per Result SEO campaigns range between $650 and $950 per month for the keywords you choose. If you don't rank, you don't need to pay us a single dime.

What's Local SEO?

Local SEO means ranking your business for the local searches. For example, let's say you run a pest control business in New York. When people in New York search for a pest control business, your website will be the one that appears on the first page. But if someone from California is looking, they won’t be seeing you on the first page..

What's better: SEO or Paid Advertising?

It's complementary. Together, SEO & paid advertising will help you increase your overall reach and reduce your CPC. This will result in reduced customer acquisition costs.

Do you run national SEO campaigns?

The national SEO campaigns are also result based.

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Our experienced marketing specialist will work closely with you or your team to identify and prioritize the key search terms you want us to focus on to achieve top rankings for your website.


You will be charged only when your website appears on the first page of Google search results for the selected keywords.


Our pay-per-Result SEO pricing is remarkably competitive, offering lower rates than traditional SEO services that do not offer performance guarantees.


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